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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March 2012 events

Feb 29th Claire Doherty
'The Event of Situation: Contemporary Art, Place and Time'
A talk given at Glasgow School of Art Friday Event, Feb 2009

March 7th  Art Clay
The artist Art Clay is a specialist in the performance of self created works with the use of intermedia and has appeared at international festivals, on radio and television television in Europe, Asia & North America. Recent artwork focus on performative works using mobile device and installation works that involve the public directly with "play". He has received awards for sound works, performance, theatre, and new media art. He has taught media and interactive arts at various Art Schools and Universities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

March 14th Lys Hansen and Kraig Wilson

Drawing Breath, the second phase of Cooper Gallery’s Materiality & Metaphysics Series, presents drawings, photographs and video works by the influential Scottish painter Lys Hansen and the up-and-coming Teesside based artist Kraig Wilson, whose works draw attention to the haunting encounter between the mind and the world.
The exhibition choreographs a body of raw, potent and astonishing works from two generations. Interrogating what appears abstract, but which is the root of daily experience; the reflection upon materiality and metaphysics present in Hansen and Wilson’s artistic explorations, echoes the conversations generated in the juxtaposition of their works.

March 21st Susan and Alexander Maris

Glasgow-based Alexander & Susan Maris studied at Glasgow School of Art (1977-81) and the Royal College of Art (1985-87). They describe themselves as ‘Post-Urban’ artists, and have been collaborating as such since 1990, and in the tradition of Joseph Beuys, view their entire lives as a continuous work of art. They are currently working on a digitally archived reforestation project for Rannoch Moor, which anticipates the eventual reintroduction of the European Wolf, Lynx and Black Bear into the Scottish Highlands.
Recent exhibitions include: The Pursuit of Fidelity (a retrospective), Stills, Edinburgh (2010); There is no road (the road is made by walking) curated by Steven Bode, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon, Spain (2009); Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh (2009); Waterlog, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery (2006), and RISK at CCA, Glasgow (2005).

March 28th  Scott Myles
This is the first major UK solo show for the Dundee born and educated artist Scott Myles, marking 15 years since he graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. This Production features an exciting mix of new works including an expansive site-specific installation, new sculpture and prints made in the DCA Print Studio.
Displaced Façade (for DCA) is a dramatic new large-scale installation made from bricks that references architecture and personal memory. While living in Dundee in the 1990s, Myles regularly skateboarded in the then derelict building that came to be re-developed into DCA. Known locally as ‘The Factory’, the abandoned building was used as an unofficial skate-park before it was acquired for re-development in 1995 and the bare brick walls were subsequently clad in preparation for the building’s transformation into today’s art centre. Displaced Façade (for DCA) is realised with the generous support of Ibstock Brick Ltd.
Alongside this ambitious installation will be a number of other recent pieces including Analysis (Mirror) a new sculpture consisting of two mirrored bus shelters upturned one upon the other.